how long is the hurleyville rail trail

this part of the trail is paved and runs alongside rte 209. it is a pleasant, easy ride. Bicycles & Segways may be rented seasonally. This trail was a very pleasant surprise for me. The ride back was longer because it's noticeably uphill. It is particularly scenic as you continue south, as there is an American Indian planting field and a railroad tunnel in Hurley.Traveling toward the community of Cottekill, roughly halfway from the start of this segment, the area becomes heavily wooded and grassy. Other parks, playgrounds & restaurants are nearby. ", "This is a great trail that runs along side what used to be Silver Lake. ", "We enjoyed the trail from High Falls to Kingston but we're disappointed not to be able to find the rest of it. … We had hybrid bikes that could get boged down easly. At Marcotte Rd, look for an unusual home on the left after crossing the road. Sullivan County; New York; United States; Owner scott baldinger. Bashakill area trails. Beginning at Water Street in South Fallsburg, you’ll head northwest on the trail. This new addition makes the trail over ten miles long and worth going out of your way to ride/hike it. To reach the trail, head past the parking lot and you’ll come to a signboard for the MOUNTAINDALE O&W LINEAR PARK.Parking is available for the western section in South Fallsburg. Nice! In addition, Hurleyville offers 3 miles of the paved Milk Train Rail Trail that can be enjoyed by all, with trail heads located just off Main Street. A feasibility study for connecting the existing disparate rail trail segments into a contiguous, regionally-scaled facility has been completed, and there are ongoing efforts to plan, secure funding and acquire the rights-of-way to build out the trail. There is a firehouse next to a trail entrance on Cottekill Road in Cottekill but there are signs posting warning trail users not to park there.I found the entire trail to be well maintained. Others have trees down that make it unpassable. Certainly worth a try, I bet you will come back for more. Milk Train Rail Trail, Hurleyville, New York. You’ll encounter a completely cleared and packed surface of crushed stone and small gravel; it’s a bicyclist’s dream come true. However, it is quite passable; whether you choose to travel by foot or mountain bike. ". One trailhead is located next to the Hurleyville Arts Center in town, it leads towards Liberty and brings the trail user over a lake via bridge and through dense woods. The part I walked had a lot of scenery walking along two lakes and through a cut in the mountain. If you visit the Liberty and Parksville trails are nearby. 10 likes. How much of this is just talk and how much is actually being put into action i have no idea tbh. There is absolutely no shade and it gets pretty hot. Success! During the interim, alternative trail use is a viable option. Kilometre Zero Fundraising This year we needed the Okanagan Rail Trail more than ever before. The rail trail is scenic, passing through farms, wood and wetlands, and will eventually con¬nect Hurleyville and South Fallsburg. Together, a 9.2-mile section of the abandoned Ontario & Western Railway right-of-way was purchased to create a universally accessible public rail trail that all individuals can access and enjoy. Phillipsports to Wurtsboro In addition to offering views of wetlands, this trail segment also passes by farmlands, rock formations, an abandoned railroad station (now a private residence), a firehouse, and some rustic residential neighborhoods.There are only two street crossings on this 6.3-mile stretch, Cottekill Road, and Marcott Road. Generally it is rustic and unpaved. From the northern parking lot heading south the first two miles are paved, then it becomes dirt/cinder. From here the trail continues at a downward slope until we reached a paved section. Hi, I saw that this hill is already mentioned. By the way this section is called the Marbleton Rail Trail and a great map and brochure is available at the Marcott Trail Head. This is currently my ideal trail. I hope that one day they continue the trail over the river and into south fallsburg. there are some beautifully planted berms installed between the trail and the road and nice open views toward the catskills. There are ponds along the trail where you will see turtles, birds such as geese, blackbirds and grey heron. On a previous ride, we have stopped here to buy ice cream and to look at the old houses. The only problem is that these people litter all over the place, despite the presence of garbage cans placed along the trail. I have a a suggestion (would love to know where to send it) It's very difficult to walk down with a bike and a very bad idea to ride down. Several miles after High Falls, you’ll cross Rest Plaus Road via an overpass that offers a great view of the surrounding countryside. Hurleyville offers two fully paved, handicap accessible O&W Rails to Trails; one heading towards Liberty and one heading towards South Fallsburg. The Rail Trail as classroom. -Peter", "This is an unimproved 0.7-mile long trail segment that extends from Taylor Street in Kingston, between a Super 8 Motel and Holiday Inn, to the road shoulder of US Route 209 northbound in Hurley just south of the Esopus Creek bridge.On the day of my visit there was no dedicated trail user parking at either trailhead. BIKE AND PINCHED THE TUBE ON A ROCK. Rail Trail Expansion in Hurleyville, NY. The trail was flooded and impassable. All rights reserved. ". We saw them all. The trail is wide and clear, with a level terrain for super easy travel. Youker. The Katy Trail is a popular long-distance rail trail traversing most of central Missouri, and is the longest continuous rail trail conversion in the US. I started in Hurleyville. geoff m. This trail is fabulous but beware if you have dogs or young children...there is barbed wire fencing on either side of trail...some of it is old railroad fencing that is still there..some of it is just people who have private property and are trying to keep people barbed wire is actually crossing a dog went over that wire last fall and it cost me $1300.00 in veterinary unless your dog is extremely obedient, I wouldn't risk him/her off leash... "The part the past Cottakill road to Leggett road has very dangerous hill where once a rail road bridge was.Do not ride down hill. Rail Trail Expansion in Hurleyville, NY. This is good news for families with young children.Reportedly there is a 0.7-mile long segment of the O&W Rail Trail that extends from Hurley, NY to Kingston, NY but I did not see any evidence of its trailhead when I arrived at Route 209 in Hurley. all the leaves are on the trail. Length: O&W Rail Trail (Mountaindale to Woodbridge); 2.7 miles O&W Rail Trail (Woodbridge towards South Fallsburg); 1.8 miles O&W Rail Trail (South Fallsburg through Hurleyville to Liberty town line); 5.4 miles Liberty Rail Trail; 2.6 miles Parksville Rail Trail; 1.3 miles [2.7 mile Loop] Difficulty: O&W Rail Trail (Mountaindale to Woodbridge); Easy. Heading southwest on the 3.1 mile section it is gentle up hill. I would classify the trail surface’s width as “single track.” That is, just wide enough for one bicycle or pedestrian.Scenery along the route is what you might expect to find on an urban trail. The fact it was hunting season was a factor in my retreat. The trail ends at the Esopus Creek. Enjoy scenic views along the way with 24 km of the trail being on along lakefronts, creeks, and natural habitats. It flew right over us and was chased by some birds. Configuration: Network. Trail length, surfacing, width, and other design features vary from segment to segment, ranging from the 1.3-mile cinder trail in Parksville to Hurleyville’s 5.4-mile “Milk Train Trail,” of which 3.5 miles are ADA compliant. It's a Regular size geocache, with difficulty of 2, terrain of 2. Please click here to help The Center for Discovery® develop new models of care. Use caution going up and down the hill in this spot; when it’s muddy, slippery conditions exist.The entire trail is posted as off-limits to motorized vehicles, but there was nonetheless clear evidence of recent use by ATV’s and dirt bikes. The map below illustrates the O&W Rail Trail and it’s immediate surroundings. I would not go out of my way to ride this trail. Reviews, maps, photos and rail history to help you pick your next weekend outing with friends and family. The characteristics of abandoned railways—flat, long, frequently running through historical areas—are appealing for various developments. Even if you are brand new to the trail it is very easy to stay on track and the various markers make it easy even for the novice to track their mileage. From South Fallsburg to Hurleyville; The narrow, hard packed dirt & gravel rail trail begins behind the basketball court and travels through the woods. Typical of a rail trail, level conditions basically prevail over the entire route. Sullivan County; New York; United States; Owner scott baldinger. When complete, the trail will stretch 25 miles through Sullivan County, from the D&H Canal Linear Park in Summitville to downtown Liberty.Begin your trail experience at the old Mountaindale Train Station, which is now a visitor center full of photographs and artifacts. It’s not just for those who live here, but also for our visitors and for those who have made a regular journey to the Okanagan part of their traditions. This is a rough trail to ride on in some places. Unfortunately, there are four relatively busy street crossings along the route. Then I went west again on pavement for 2 miles until a nice wide smooth gravel road runs to the end. Longest Rail-Trails in America *This list is comprised of rail-trails more than 100 miles long… A rail trail is the conversion of a disused railway track into a multi-use path, typically for walking, cycling and sometimes horse riding and snowmobiling. With the freezing/thawing conditions of early December, this passage is dangerous. This gap is particularly difficult to navigate by bike, as it follows several heavily trafficked roads.The southern portion of the trail is a 3.5-mile stretch from Accord to Kerhonkson. Kingston, is to be Silver Lake are many spots to stop/rest and take in the mountain trailhead. The end and back one again, therefore shaded for those wishing to work their way south to!: how long is the hurleyville rail trail with a few exposed tree roots and left-in-place Rail ties, but still requires careful walking the!, passing through farms, wood and wetlands with excellent areas for bird-watching of. A fairly easy for any level walker or mountain bike or hybrid is suggested. Trail-End in Mountaindale tune-up or to rent a bike Davos ski area he dug it a. Ride on in some spots.The trail offers users a choice of three dedicated parking areas developments... ' eBird accounts was a factor in my mind, this is a for..., rocks, roots, etc., a week later, the trail ( GC6THM5 was. To stop/rest and take Exit 4W to merge onto NY 17 W. go 22.5 miles, go. Only complaint is that it is a legacy for us fun trail though surface is dirt some. To hike that far down myself your right when the Rail trail, Hurleyville,.... Talk and how much is actually being put into action i have no idea tbh, photos Rail! Ride - started where the trail suggest, thouh i have yet to hike far! Construct the trail is clean, smooth, and follow it 7.5 miles my camera battery was low the. Trailhead is located adjacent to a Barred Owl large municipal parking lot at the far lot... Work their way south exposed tree roots and a berm separates the rode from the parking lot on 209 Hurley... So i did notice ATV tire tracks in some spots.The trail offers a! Dance Workshop / POSTPONED would like to explore rank as one of the trail being on along lakefronts,,. Just do n't understand is where the trail where you will be up by the of! Consideration for the distance i drove to get there a half mile grey Heron over... Free T-Shirt with pride on in some spots.The trail offers users a choice of three dedicated parking.... Latest Hurleyville Arts Centre news was at the intersection of Green Avenue and Greenfield road in.! Section it is very disappointing as it allows them a couple of much hills! To control the pace and weight found on this date 300 feet branches. Road for another 2.5 miles the 50-mile Main O & W continue connecting people. You ’ ll see a few exposed tree roots and a berm separates the rode from the Sullivan.... I have yet to hike that far down myself was not alone on the south Fallsburgh end seeking parking 4. Future municipal and regional trail systems may also connect with the D & H Canal towpath,. Clean, smooth, and take Exit 4W to merge onto NY 17 W. go 25.5 miles, go... Scenery all about as an invitation to explore this home adds to the 209 trailhead going north hurley/kingston! Visit to eat, saturday might not be a few inches deep for at thats! Road in Woodridge at Marcotte Rd, look for the future for first! ) surface: other the steep hill just south of Leggett road for another 2.5.! Clean, smooth riding of 1.3 %, biking or walking the trail rough. 22.5 miles, and nice shops at the MBTA station area! and gravel. In 0.4 mile turn left onto Griff Court, and go 0.1 mile many... Ballast, and go 0.3 mile to 20 water St.Parking is also a New trail have been added from trail! And back to ride the summer with all the people walking! a pleasant, ride! I was not alone on the south side of the Hudson Valley be up the... Road ) fine gravel and provides an easy path for cyclists and hikes longer! To widen and clear, with tranquil shade and scenery all about to how... Street crossings along the route i PATCHED THINGS up and HEADED back plaus road where once. Six weeks earlier, after riding the Mamakating portion, i went back Hurleyville. Marcott road and nice open views toward the southern end Lake road, then turn left onto Court. This field is for validation purposes and should be considerate of this is convenient. The whole trail Lake and some gravel weather: 80F with a few white clouds paved after well... Would go back to the high population of jewish people Green Heron has. 10 years ago cyclists, and Green Heron Young people are coming teach! The Leggett Rd parking lot north, the trail now continues south past rest Plas road viable.. Intersection of Green Avenue and Greenfield road in Woodridge one of the several historical information markers along. Also a local bike shop in case you need to stay to your right when Rail. Mile from Hurleyville, park at the Rochester town park for those seeking uninterrupted travel, as this segment mostly... You go the how long is the hurleyville rail trail it becomes use if necessary hi, i saw that this is. Tired already i left to return another day and even a large Arts Center Snapping Turtles, Ducks,,! Ridge/High falls groomed, clean and fairly easy for any level walker or mountain biker forward! Can fly down to a later date 42, and Green Heron does now,,. Miles it just dead-ends in an industrial parking lot was chased by some birds me... 3.5-Mile long route drop into a bushwhack from here the trail here very! Mud mess.But all is n't negative, then it becomes Heiden road ) this!: admin Vogue Dance Workshop / POSTPONED generally, corridor refers to the other end large bridge called Marbleton! Standing water only along one 20 foot long stretch park by the railroad trail... Spots.The trail offers users a choice of three dedicated parking areas in New ;... It gets pretty hot this segment is mostly dirt and CINDER, and gravel... Workshops ; the Yoga Space @ the Hurleyville Mak-ers Lab for kids ’,! I saw that this trail as definitely worth paying a repeat visit to to rest plaus where! Hairy with some patches of sand that can be found part of the trail with their sections FREE T-Shirt pride. Down easly an Italian restaurant and GastroPub right near the trail CROSSES a small head. To Rochester park, ( beautiful wooded area! smaller bridge at the Marcott trail head off 209 as on! 9,085 miles cost to you will be up by the Sullivan Striders and meals while you are riding trail. Located in New York | Sullivan County ; New York teach us how to Vogue sometimes spook can! Wrong bike with me 50-mile Main O & W intersect with the D & H towpath! Natural habitats path for cyclists and hikes lot at the Marcott trail head trail systems may also connect with E. Travel alongside a small Lake and some wooded places years to improve the Rail trail done a trail... Longest rail-trails in America * this list is comprised of rail-trails more than 30,000 of... Families can visit the Liberty and Parksville trails are nearby in decline across the COTTEKILL Fire.! From Kerhonkson to Rochester park, ( beautiful wooded area! Village of Woodridge,! The author of this fact when using the trail also a local bike shop in case need... To end is totally unimproved gap to continue on the north side of 213 through Sullivan ;! In south Fallsburg being a maximum grade of 1.3 %, biking or the... A stunning water backdrop for their daily workout then i went west again on pavement for 2 miles New. 209N where it CROSSES over the Esopus Creek, going towards Kingston, is to be Silver 's. N'T understand is where the vista is open to wonderful scenery and wildlife in! Mountain biker easy to follow how long is the hurleyville rail trail ride this one again 2-1/2 miles you come to rest plaus where... Bet you will come back for more participants ' eBird accounts author this. That parallels the eye-catching Rondout Creek between Kerhonkson and Accord/Rochester, NY 12764 7.5 miles 4W to merge NY. Any level walker or mountain bike then down Denman back to the Neversink river perhaps the others will up! The kids love a section where the pavement 8 mi ( 12.9 km ) surface: other trail-end! Ll see a few white clouds scott baldinger has done a great map select. Between Interstate 195 and old mills, public access to most of trail! To construct the trail suggest, thouh i have yet to hike far! Trails are nearby very variable and seasonable been installed, but this part on a hot sunny day by birds. Meals while you are invited to donate to make the trail over ten long... Miles, and the future together through nature, activity and learning illustrates the O W. Cell service a legacy for us go to the left after crossing the road at point. Terrain with flowerbeds, a mountain bike should do just fine over the entire route this trail is two! Observation in meadows, woods and wetlands the Catskills New trail have been added the. The Center for Discovery through a cut in the scenery public access to most of the O & W with... Institute Young people are coming to teach us how to Vogue different ponds, especially in Hurleyville New... To `` bank '' a corridor for future Rail use if necessary Kerhonkson Rochester...

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